21 de maio de 2016

[High Quality] Deadmau5 Complete Discography (Albums Only)
Each Album has every song, for which all the names, album names, track numbers, year and genres are correctly spelled and the use upper and lowercase lettering (not all lower or all upper as some people do, which personally pisses me off) is included. It also has the correct album art in each folder, in case it doesn't automatically apply it in your music player (I pulled these straight from google images so some of them are low resolution but for itunes or an ipod they're sufficient in my book).

I spent a long time searching down high quality files for this torrent, and it took me a while to do. However, I finally did it. I saw another torrent that was similar to this, but probably didn't have high quality files like mine, not to mention the guy isn't seeding. I'll be seeding this nonstop for at least a month on my desktop & laptop simultaneously (laptop from various different locations) so hopefully this will get out there asap.

As a side note: Deadmau5 ftw.

Get Scraped
320 kbp/s (CBR)

1. The Oshawa Connection
2. Intelstat
3. Careless
4. Unspecial Effects
5. Waking Up From The American Dream
6. I Forget
7. Try Again
8. 8bit
9. Overdraft
10. Bored Of Canada
11. Support
12. Edit Your Friends
13. Satisfaction
14. Sometimes I Fail
15. Careless (Acoustic)

It Sounds Like
320 kbp/s (CBR)

1. Alone With You (Original Mix)
2. Arguru (EDXs 5un5hine Remix)
3. Bye Friend (Original Mix)
4. Clockwork (Original Mix)
5. Complications (Original Mix)
6. Everything After (Original Mix)
7. Everything Before (Original Mix)
8. Faxing Berlin (Original Mix)
9. Ghosts N Stuff (Original Mix)
10. Hi Friend (feat. Mc Flipside) (Instrumental Mix)
11. Hi Friend (feat. Mc Flipside) (Vocal Mix)
12. I Remember (Vocal Mix)
13. Jaded (Original Mix)
14. Not Exactly (Original Mix)
15. Secondary Complications (Original Mix)
16. Slip (Original Mix)
17. Some Kind of Blue (Original Mix)
18. We Fail (Original Mix)
19. I Remember (Instrumental Mix)

320 kbp/s (CBR)

1. 1981
2. Bounce
3. Drfunkenstein
4. Fustercluck
5. Lai
6. Orca
7. Plus
8. Apply Overnight
9. T17
10. Trepid

Full Circle
320 kbp/s (CBR)

1. Turning Point (Original Mix)
2. Mr. G (Original Mix)
3. 1981 (Adam K Remix)
4. 1981 (Minimal Remix)
5. Cyclic Redundancy (Original Mix)
6. Templar (Original Mix)
7. Subvert (Original Mix)

At Play
186-220 kbp/s (VBR)

1. Vanishing Point
2. Sex Lies Audiotape
3. Cocktail Queen
4. Faxing Berlin
5. Hey Baby (Adam K Dirty Remix)
6. Turning Point
7. This Is The Hook
8. 1981
9. Dr. Funkenstein
10. Afterhours

Random Album Title
227-253 kbp/s (VBR)

1. Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
2. Complications
3. Slip
4. Some Kind of Blue
5. Brazil (2nd Edit)
6. Alone With You
7. I Remember
8. Faxing Berlin
9. Faxing Berlin (Instrumental)
10. Not Exactly
11. Arguru
12. So There I Was

For Lack of a Better Name
319 kbp/s (VBR)

1. FML
2. Moar Ghosts N Stuff
3. Ghosts 'n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)
4. Hi Friend!
5. Bot
6. Word Problems
7. Soma
8. Lack of a Better Name
9. The 16th Hour
10. Strobe

At Play 2
173-202 kbp/s (VBR)

1. Outta My Life (Touch Mix)
2. Attention Whore
3. Mr. G
4. Reduction
5. This Is Also The Hook
6. Orca
7. Tau v2
8. Sexslave
9. This Noise
10. R My Dreams

Enjoy. =]

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